Eco tourism involves responsible travelling to natural areas with the purpose to educate the travelers without the environmental and cultural impact. Forest and its wildlife are the primary settings for eco tourism activities.

MAREDUMILLI The Maredumilli forests are rich in biodiversity which form part of the Eastern Ghats. The tourism area is on Maredumilli – Badrachalam road, nearly 4kms away from Maredumilli village. The Jungle star campsite is located adjoining the Valamuru River with the stream flowing on 3 sides overlooking the Vali-Sugriva konda which is believed to be the battle ground of Vali-Sugriva during the Ramayana period. A rest house named ‘Abhayaranya Forest’ which was constructed in 1914, with all the facilities is in Maredumilli village. Suites are available here for stay of tourists.

KADIYAM Kadiyam a place nearly 14km away from Rajahmundry contains many lush green nurseries which provide a variety of plant species. The visitors can even buy different types of plants from the nurseries there. The flower show held in January every year is worth seeing. Huge varieties of plants for both home garden and agricultural purposes are exported to different places all over the world.

PAPI HILLS The Papi hills are in Rajahmundry-Bhadrachalam boat way. It is a beautiful tourist place surrounded by dense forests. There is a National Park on the Papi hills which includes tigers, leopards, samba and spotted deer. There are packages for stay in the huts in Papi hills. The view of sunrise while travelling in the boat is very scenic.

RAMPACHODAVARAM It is a tribal village 50kms from Rajahmundry which is rich in natural beauty. It is just 26km from Maredumilli also contains forests and waterfalls which are the most eco-friendly spots for nature lovers. The drive through the dense jungle is an exhilarating experience.

PINJANRAKONDA It is one of the best picnic spots which are located in East Godavari district, A.P. It is just 80km from Rajahmundry and 84km from Kakinada and 90km from Tuni. There is no direct bus service. So one must visit Pinjarakonda on their own convenience. We can even visit Yeleru reservoir project at Yeleswaram which is 30km away from Pinjarakonda. The scenic view from Yeleswaram to Pinjarakonda is awe-striking.

CORINGA WILDLIFE SANCTUARY It is the 2nd largest stretch of mangrove forest in India with 35 mangrove trees species and more than 120 bird species located 18 km away from the port city of Kakinada, the headquarters of East Godavari district. One can go ferrying in the back waters of Gowthami and Godavari rivers. It is also famous for salt water crocodiles. The prime attraction is the 18km long sandpit which is the longest stretch in north-east.

KONASEEMA It is an oasis of enchanting beauty, peace and tranquility that is a dream tour destination for all. One can have a glance at the surrounding countryside travelling by a bus or a train or boat. It is one of the most fertile lands; this area is known for its magnificent landscape, swaying coconut and palm trees. It is also rich in greenery and artistic temples. Another important aspect is its cuisine with a tasteful blend of local spices and fresh seafood.