Forest Tourism

The district is having 336 sq.kms of forest area and cover 32% over in district area. Its’ forest tourism has already carved a niche as one of the fastest growing segments of tourism statewide. It has become a means to promote forestry management and support local communities.

Traveling around the forest arena of this region aids tourists observe and interact with local plant and animal life in their natural habitats. The experience is beyond words and the intangible, psychological benefits of the visit are countless. Even those indifferent to forest life and nature will get the essence of these. Some of the most popular and highly fascinating forest covered areas are:

CORINGA WILDLIFE SANCTUARY Being the home to numerous species of plants and animals, Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary is 18 km from the city of Kakinada. A wide variety of plants, chirping birds and a fair population of golden jackal, sea turtle and fishing cat are tourist attractions.

RAMPACHODAVARAM Rampachodavaram is known for its dense jungle and waterfalls which can be accessed by jeeps. The drive through the dense jungle is an exhilarating experience. The distance is 82kms from district headquarters, Kakinada. The surroundings are very popular with regional filmmakers for their untouched natural beauty.

ADDATEEGALA Located 67kms from Kakinada and 65kms from Rajahmundry, Addatheegala is full of forest-clad mountains, streams and deep gaping valleys. The place is a host to multitude of tribes with linguistic and cultural differences.

MAREDUMILLI Maredumilli is located inside jungle and by the side of rivers. The distance from Rajahmundry is 87kms. With hills and waterfalls around, Maredumilli capture many tourists’ hearts. Two jungle resorts at this place are also available. This place is rich in coffee and rubber plantations.

SEETAPALLI Located 75kms from Kakinada and 51kms from Rajahmundry. Though there is no railway station near to Seethapalli, the near-by city Rajahmundry facilitates with two railway stations. It is mostly considered safe to travel during the day time. Sri Bavanamma Talli Temple is famous in Seethapalli.